Environmentally Responsible Lighting

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Argent LED can help you create an elegant look for your Screen Room, Lanai or Swimming Pool Enclosure

 Chances are, your Swimming Pool area or Screen Room is one of the most popular rooms in your home. Unfortunately, these types of enclosures are very difficult to light safely.
Many people have installed rope lighting in pool enclosures
which is a tragic accident just waiting to happen.
Even in dry locations rope lighting has a short lifetime and tends to burn out in sections, meaning the whole string must be replaced.
Any AC powered fixture located near water is extremely hazardous.
Argent LED proudly offers the Nebula Rail Light System,
a completely unique, LED, 12volt DC powered solution for pool and screen room enclosures. Our trained technicians will custom fit the system to your existing enclosure
providing you a fully integrated, fully dimmable LED lighting experience.
The Nebula Rail Light System is the only way to
guarantee a "star lit night" every night.
Outdoor LED Lighting

 Nothing enhances the curb appeal and livability of your home like tastefully designed outdoor lighting.
Led Lighting is the perfect choice for your landscape lighting needs.
All of our outdoor LED lighting is safe, low voltage
(12 volt) DC powered. Due to the directional nature of LEDs you can tailor your lighting by using LED bulbs with different beam widths. For example, if you choose, the top of a Palm tree can be illuminated to show the foliage without lighting the trunk or spilling light into the yard. This makes for a very dramatic effect in your landscape. Argent LED  landscape lighting is also fully dimmable to allow you more flexibility in design.


Argent LED
Environmentally Responsible Lighting
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